Hello everyone-

Despite the snow, we’ve been working hard at Forest Farm Peace Garden to get ready for the spring’s exciting events. We’ve had a lot of fun digging holes in the snow to prepare the ground for tree planting, sorting out hundreds of vegetable seeds according to our planting plan, and watching the first seedlings of the year grow! Come along to our first Open Day of the year on the 11th March to celebrate trees with us, or learn essential gardening and tree skills at our workshops. Coming up we have:

1. Orchard Open Day – 11th March
2. Orchard Skills Workshops – 26 Feb / 25 March / 22 April
3. Get involved in Forest Farm Peace Garden

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1. Orchard Open Day – 11th March 2012 – 11am to 4pm – Forest Farm Peace Garden
Tree planting, entertainment and activities at Forest Farm Peace Garden.

Join us for this year’s first Open Day, where we will be celebrating trees and how they make our cities more healthy, beautiful and sustainable. Forest Farm Peace Garden welcomes you to our community garden to discover how we are bringing people together to enjoy nature, conserve the environment and grow local organic food.

  • Tree planting throughout the day
  • Delicious food and herbal tea
  • Gardening for wildlife activities
  • Buy organically grown seedlings for your garden
  • Facepainting and other children’s activities

For more information email info [at] forestfarmpeacegarden.org or call 07587 244 459

***We need volunteers to help out at the Open Day- serving food, helping with activities, etc. Would you like to help out? Get in touch with Natalie, natalie [at] forestfarmpeacegarden.org.***

2. Orchard Skills *free* Workshops, 2012 Programme

We are running a programme of workshops and events throughout the year as part of a project to promote learning about trees, conservation and sustainability. Here are the upcoming workshops- they are free, but please RSVP.

26 February – Winter Pruning
Pruning is an essential skill for anyone who wants to maintain trees – whether in an orchard or in your garden. We have a range of trees on which you will learn and try out the theory and practice of pruning to keep trees healthy and productive. The workshop, run by a tree expert, aims to cater for a wide range of abilities- no previous experience necessary.

25 March – Walking under Medicinal Trees
Medicines made from the bark, blossom and leaves of beautiful native trees have been used for hundreds of years to treat heart disease, high blood pressure, circulatory problems and allergies to name just a few. At this workshop we will be looking at identification of a number of important British medicinal trees, what part and when we harvest and what we herbalists use them for. The workshop will be taught by Foprest Farm Peace Garden’s resident Medical Herbalist, Deborah Syrett, BSc (Hons), MCPP.

22 April – Companion planting
An important aspect of permaculture gardening is companion planting, or interplanting, in which different crops are planted alongside each other in a mutually beneficial way. Understanding companion planting strengthens the resilience, nutritional intake and productivity of your crops. We will plant examples of orchard campanion “guilds” in our newly planted orchard to demonstrate and practice companion planting in a forest garden.

Workshops run from 10.30am to 4pm.
We will provide necessary materials and instruction- come prepared for the weather. There will be some hot refreshments, but please bring a packed lunch. RSVP-ing is crucial as places will are limited. Contact info@forestfarmpeacegarden.org or call 07587 244 459 in order to find out more or to RSVP.

3. Get involved in Forest Farm Peace Garden

Would you like to get involved in the development of a dynamic and growing project with a positive track record of building community, working with marginalised communities and creating a sustainable future? Forest Farm Peace Garden is looking for volunteers to get involved in the committees which work on the vision, strategy and management of the project. Get in touch with the Project Coordinator, Natalie, at natalie [at] forestfarmpeacegarden.org to find out how to get involved.


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