Volunteer Consultations – 18th &20th February’15

        We will meet to talk about how the garden is going and any suggestions you have or issues you want to discuss.

consultation image

The new year in the garden has just started!  Warm welcome back to all volunteers happy to work in the winter season!

 This is a good time to start planning the events and activities in the garden, and get prepared for the growing season. That’s why we would like to invite you to volunteer consultations which will take place on Wed 18th Feb, and Fri 20th Feb at 11.15 am. The consultations will last 45min, and after that we will carry on with our gardening tasks.

We will meet in the poly tunnel and there will be a hot tea to keep us warm! If the weather will be very cold we will meet in the portacabin (please visit it first before heading to the garden!).

There will be whiteboard in the garden and in the portacabin where you can write your suggestions and recommendations for the agenda.


When: 11.15 am- 12 noon, WEDNESDAY 18TH FEBRUARY 2015

11.15 am-12 noon,  FRIDAY 20TH FEBRUARY 2015

Where: In the poly tunnel, in case of very cold weather in the portacabin.

Earth Care:

  • Reflecting on last year’s growing, and plans for this year
  • New off season opening hours and an access to the site

People Care:

  • Introducing the new project coordinator Anna
  • Update on recruiting Community Food Grower and buddy volunteers in March.
  • Two upcoming events:

– Friday 27th February (morning): ‘Training and Work Opportunities in the Environmental Sector’ workshop hosted in the garden as ‘an open morning’ event.

– Saturday, 28th March: Spring Social Event (buddy and volunteers’ party/ open day of workshops and activities for general public)

Would any volunteers like to attend and/or help host them? (joining in activities, cooking/serving food, giving garden tours, talking to visitors).

Fair Shares:

  • Creating specialised volunteer roles to help run the Garden (e.g. composting, making tea, tool maintenance)

All volunteers are welcome!





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