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8 responses to “Connect online

  1. Mali Ben Yitzhak

    Hello, my name is Mali an i’m from Israel.
    For the past few months i’ve been looking for a way to expirience living in a simple way of life, grouing my own food, caring for nature and working for my accommodation. For that reason I am looking for a welcoming community to join in order to learn how to do and enjoy the company of good people.
    However, the time i can dedicate for that is limited to up to 2 weeks around October.
    Have i come to the right place? Do you have a program that can be what I’m looking for? Is that even possible to join you in such conditions? If so what does joining you includes?

    Thank you for your help,
    Bes regards,

    • Hi Mali-
      Thanks for getting in touch! We are a project that is open for a few days a week, so although we are not a “full time” community where people live (so we do not take full-time volunteers/Wwoofers), you are very welcome to come and visit us while you are in town! We are open Wednesdays and Fridays, and we do grow and prepare food and do nature conservation. Get in touch with to find out about visiting the project.

  2. Is the garden open to visitors on Friday 29th January?

    • Dear Kathleen, Sorry for the late reply!
      The garden is open to visitors on our open days.
      We otherwise run an ecotherapy programme for referred clients with low-level mental health needs and buddy volunteers who support them.
      Our website and Facebook will advertise any open events.

  3. My name is John Ballard and I’m from Australia. 

    My partner and I are involved in permaculture in Australia and would love to learn more about your buddy program and visiting your farm whilst we are in UK.

    We are planning to be in England between June – July. could you please let me know if we can meet up with some staff members to chat to and learn more . We are also happy to volunteer some time to help out.

    I look forward to your reply.

    warm regards,

    John Ballard

  4. Dear Forest Farm Peace Garden
    I am writing you because I am interested in paying your garden a visit during first week of July 2016. I run a therapeutic garden project for refugee- and immigrant women in Copenhagen, Denmark, called FAKTI’s garden. It’s affiliated with our social center and organization, FAKTI, that aim at promoting physical, mental and social health among vulberable refugee women. I and the leader of our house, Lise-Lotte Duch are visiting London first week of July in order to gain more knowledge about projects and gardens that work with nature and gardening as a therapeutic medium – especially in relation to the traumas and challenges many refugess struggle to overcome and come to peace with. I have become aware of your work and find it very interesting. Hope, you will be interested in setting up a meeting with us. we will be in London from thuesday the 5th till Friday the 8th of July. I hope it will be possible to meet you any of these days? Kind Regards Mette Brehm

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